Our institute

In times when short-term commercial success – often on the back of employees – seems to be the only measure of all things, we have set ourselves the goal of finally bringing lightness, light-heartedness and joie de vivre back into everyday life for people and in the end, hopefully also in companies.

We also offer people both „individual life counseling“ and „personality development coaching“. Based on the knowledge that achieving goals and desired behavior patterns through cognitive implementation is typically quite difficult, we also like to work with hypnosis to help our clients to achieve their goals and wishes with ease and joy.

However, we focus intensively on alternative counseling methods in order to be able to offer our clients help with the really difficult issues of „fear and panic attacks“ and „burnout and depression“. In both subject areas we use the modern „Klaus Bernhard Method“, with which several thousands of clients have already been helped to lead a carefree and self-determined life again.

The fact that we can help „covertly“ with this method is very much appreciated by our clients, as, contrary to conventional methods, they never have to „return“ to their usually very stressful past. In our bright, spacious rooms, we look forward to your visit and will be happy to support you in bringing more lightness and joy into your life. We know from experience that you may not be able to imagine this at the moment, and you may have already made many other unsuccessful attempts to address „your topic“ … let yourself be surprised by the results.

After more than 25 years of professional experience, first as an engineer for communications technology and telecommunications and from the turn of the millennium as a successful manager for mostly US companies, I founded „Les Papillons Bleus – the institute for applied psychology and practiced joy of life“ in 2020. Personally trained by Klaus Bernhardt and with many years of extra-occupational experience as a certified coach, hypnocoach (DVH) and alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, we offer help in both of us at the institute Specialties Anxiety and panic attacks “ as „ Burnout and depression “ at. Further topics such as support for young people and children are in preparation.

„Presumably, all mental illness results from the fact that some parts of the neuronal circuits in the brain – some neurons and the circuits to which they belong – are overactive, inactive or unable to communicate effectively.“ (Prof. Dr. Eric Kandel)

In order to always be able to offer the quality of our advice and our offers at a high level, we are a member of:

  • Association of independent psychotherapists, alternative practitioners for psychotherapy and psychological consultants
  • German Hypnosis Association

… and train us regularly according to the latest knowledge of our associations!